Bottom Fishing

Sea Bass – Fluke – Blackfish 

Bottom Fishing is for the people that want to “catch a lot of fish” 

Sea Bass are my favorite eating fish and we get to target them from June-August & then again in October. Usually drift fishing over wrecks on the Atlantic City reef & surrounding area, these bottom dwellers are plentiful out there and always supply us with good action.

Fluke on wrecks & sticky structure are usually bigger in size then the ones we run into when bay fishing. Whether its bucktailing with 6″ gulp grubs or  dragging a squid strip across the structure you can expect one of these flatties to hit your baits when we target them from July-September. 

Blackfish, Tog, Tautog whatever you call them, they are slowly becoming my favorite fish to target. In the cooler months of mid November-January these guys take over our inshore wrecks. To target them you have to anchor over structure, hook on a crab, drop it down, hold that bait steady until you feel that scratchy bite, set the hook, and boom its game on. 

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