Offshore Fishing

During the months of Mid May – Mid November when the gulf stream warms our canyons the pelagic fishery becomes one of the best. Fish like Tuna, Mahi, Marlin, Swordfish & Wahoo can be found out there. Its like a whole different world 70-100 miles offshore you can see some pretty crazy things, and the fishing out there is even crazier. 

We also offer inshore Bluefin fishing when the time is right, which is usually from June-July. On these trips we leave the dock around 2AM to get to the grounds for “gray light” which is right before the sun rises. You want to be set up already at this time as it’s when most Tuna feed. Depending on the day we could be trolling, chunking, or even my favorite jig & pop. 

Lastly we have our inshore Mahi fishery. Becoming more popular in the recent years, Mahi fishing within 30 miles is something that is fun for anyone! On these trips we will “pot hop” where we cast at fish/lobster pots. This is a very effective and fun way to target these fish, although if they are down deep we will have to put out the trolling gear to tease them up for bites. 

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