Striped Bass



We start off targeting these fish in the Raritan Bay in the months of April & May when they start their northern migration pattern. We also finish off the year doing the same thing out of Raritan Marina in October & November when they are on their southern migration pattern.

We will do whatever it takes to get bites when targeting Striped Bass, you can expect to be live bait fishing, casting lures, jigging or trolling. 

Bottom Fishing

Sea Bass – Fluke – Blackfish 

Wreck fishing is for the people that want to “catch a lot of fish” 

Sea Bass are my favorite eating fish and we get to target them from June-August & then again in October. Usually drift fishing over wrecks on the Atlantic City reef & surrounding area, these bottom dwellers are plentiful out there and always supply us with good action.

Fluke on wrecks & sticky structure are usually bigger in size then the ones we run into when bay fishing. Whether its bucktailing with 6″ gulp grubs or  dragging a squid strip across the structure you can expect one of these flatties to hit your baits when we target them from July-September. 

Blackfish, Tog, Tautog whatever you call them, they are slowly becoming my favorite fish to target. In the cooler months of mid November-January these guys take over our inshore wrecks. To target them you have to anchor over structure, hook on a crab, drop it down, hold that bait steady until you feel that scratchy bite, set the hook, and boom its game on. 

Back Bay

Throughout the year the bay always has a species of fish we can target, whether it may be Fluke or Striped Bass.

I grew up fishing the back bays because it was where we were comfortable. We’ve fished every little creek and canal you could imagine.

Bay trips are great for beginners & families. 


Shark fishing is one of the best ways to get that hard fighting fish on the other end of the line. We like to use light gear because these inshore sharks definitely make the drag scream when they realized they’re hooked.

From July-August we get big schools of Bunker around our inlet and of course these toothy predators will be right behind them looking for an easy meal!

We also offer offshore shark fishing for much bigger sharks, like Mako & Thresher Sharks. 


In recent years our Mahi fishery has grown significantly, sight casting these beautiful, acrobatic pelagics within 30 miles of land is something special. There are not many places in the world where you are able to continuously catch the quantity of mahi that we do here off South Jersey.

On these trips we use “light tackle” and will be casting using chunked baits, live baits, or even artificial lures.

Tuna & Offshore

During the months of Mid May – Mid November when the gulf stream warms our canyons the pelagic fishery becomes one of the best. Fish like Tuna, Mahi, Marlin, Swordfish & Wahoo can be found out there. Its like a whole different world 70-100 miles offshore you can see some pretty crazy things, and the fishing out there is even crazier. 

We also offer inshore Tuna fishing when the time is right, which is usually from June-August. On these trips we leave the dock around 2:30AM to get to the grounds for “gray light” which is right before the sun rises. You want to be set up & ready at this time as it’s when most Tuna feed. Depending on the day we could be trolling, chunking, or even my favorite jig & pop.

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