Striped Bass Fishing

Stripers are our favorite fish to target, because they always put up a great fight and the reward when landing them is unreal.

When you get into a good school of these fish, you will not have time to relax. 

We specialize in Striper fishing during the fall run, which runs Oct. to Dec. We also enjoy targeting them at the peak of sunrise or sunset in the back bays throughout the year. 

Wreck Fishing

Wreck fishing is always a great time, this is one of the best ways to catch a mixed bag all the time here in Jersey. 

There are many reefs/wrecks from  2, to even 50 miles out.

The main species we look for when wreck fishing are sea bass, tautog, and flounder. 

Back Bay Fishing

Throughout the year the bay always has a species of fish we can target, whether it may be flounder or striper.

I grew up fishing the back bays because it was where we were comfortable. We’ve fished every little creek and canal you could imagine.

Shark Fishing

Shark fishing is one of the best ways to get that hard fighting fish on the other end of the line. We like to use light gear because these sharks definitely make the drag scream when they realized they’re hooked.

We also offer offshore shark fishing for much bigger sharks, like Mako, Thresher, Dusky & Brown sharks. 

Offshore Fishing

During the months of June – September when the gulf stream warms our canyons the pelagic fishery becomes one of the best. Fish like Tuna, Mahi, and Billfish can be found out there.

We also offer inshore Bluefin/Yellowfin fishing (when the time is right), and dont forget to ask about our Mahi Special. 

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